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the momentum of life…

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Sending out all kinds of love and heartfelt virtual hugs in this time of craziness and chaos… may we all circle together to stay whole and healthy and uplift each other, with clarity and focus and support…breathe deep and stay centered.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves right now, is stay connected, and keep our immune system strong… How do we do that? Several ways of course! I am not a health coach, but I do have some suggestions for your daily self-care practice ( which is only part of what I teach in my coaching and courses!)…

  • Meditation to keep you focused and internally connected and strong
    *Movement to keep your energy running and your joints juiced up
    *Hydrate yourself, drink lots of water, you know this already
  • *Green juices, and coconut water
    *Keep up with your electrolytes and amino acids too
    *Boosters like Emergencee vitamin packets are awesome
    *Kitchari- in Ayurvedic practices, is a great immune booster ( here are some recipes…link below for some fab recipes…
    *Hearty vegetable soup with lots of garlic and ginger, oh yeah…
    *Dance dance dance!
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*Visualization for a beautiful strong healthy outcome
*Stay connected with family and friends
*See how you can help in your community–Help each other in times of need
*Take it easy and breathe deep…

  • be the change!

and most importantly, even while you are snuggling in, keep moving forward with your dreams and desires. Don’t stop your momentum, continue to get support, continue your studies and your creations, continue with your plans and adventures. We want to keep the momentum of life, of living, of thriving, and surviving…keep the abundant energy flowing, don’t cave into the media fear, stand strong and tall and envision your dreams ( even while you are buying out all the toilet paper at costco!), and don’t ever stop, my friend. let’s continue together!

I love you…

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What’s coming up?

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more links below… and add your ideas in the comments too!



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Transformational Life & Creativity Coach, teacher, speaker, author, movement motivator, guitar strummer, Global Dance Co director-www.paulettereesdenis.com

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