To embody your dreams

3 min readJun 7, 2024

What does it mean to embody your dreams?
To feel so deeply what you are desiring, to feel it in your body, to let the vision unfold for you so that you can bring it to you, become a magnet!
You must project abundance
to attract abundance!

And that means clarifying, to be super clear on what you are truly wanting, to be able to rewrite your story, especially now, my love, as we grow older and change our habits, patterns, visions.

And it is all good, all ok, all even fabulous!

Our bodies change, our values tighten up, and that also means shifting our mindset to our new longings!

And you might need to slay some dragons on the way…

Letting go of old stories, releasing obstacles and people that are holding you back, and quit self-sabotage!

This can be delightful…

to awaken something that has been sleeping, to remember,

or to find that entirely new you in colorful togs to enliven your entire spirit,

with pens and paintbrushes to unleash that inner creative goddess,

and airplanes to whisk you to new adventures,




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