Time to refresh! Have you taken some?

6 min readJul 10

Hello beautiful!

Happy July to you, wherever you are in the world, summer, winter, hot, cold… I’d love to ask you…

How often do you take time to refresh yourself? Your spirit? Your body? Your brain? And your emotional body?

And what does that look like for you? When you take time, is it a 5 minute deep breathing exercise, or a yoga class, or listening to an inspiring podcast, or a day off of social media, or taking a nap, or a get away from your home to someplace different? Do you take time to be in a circle of women who are supportive? Or to work with a coach, one-on-one, for tools, accountability, support, and help in rewriting your story and opening up your vision?

All of these things are great, and important, for your own creative spark, for your health and wellness, for you to step into your best life, your abundance, and your dreams, and also to back fall in love with you as you are now. Because first, we;ve got to love who we are today, before we can step into tomorrow. Know what I mean?

And that often takes time for the refresh, the renewal, to sit down and journal, to get off the couch and move your body, to step away from the hustle, to make quiet time for reflection too.

That’s what I’m doing this summer, on this extended road trip that my man, my corgidog, and I are doing. Driving across the country, for so many reasons. Mainly to go visit my mom in Ohio for 5 weeks and help take care of her. She’s going to be 97 and she is still rocking it! But needs help, so my siblings and I split the caretaking love for her,

But in the meantime, as we drive across this gorgeous country, visiting friends, and viewing the countryside as we cruise through so many states, I am forever breathing deep and looking out my window at the vastness of the land. From desert rocks and heat, to mountains of grandeur, to rolling green hills, to forever acres of growing cornfields, just the beauty can bring me to my knees. I feel so blessed to be able to witness all this country has to offer us, and I think of how often some don’t want to or get to experience…


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