Stepping into our creative intuition! Body, Mind, and Spirit!

3 min readAug 11

A new five-day challenge for you ladies!

Stepping into our creative intuition! Body, Mind, and Spirit!

A new five-day challenge for you ladies!

Starting next week, Monday- Friday, August 14th-18th, 2023

Over in our private Dance and Desire FB group… join us there

I will be LIVE with you every morning 10 am EST ( 7 am PST) in our group, and yes, you can catch the replay! If you show up and speak up, there are prizes after our 5 days! Woo hoo…

What does listening and trusting your Divine Guidance System (your DGS) feel like?

We can get those intuitive hits in several different ways, and we are going to explore them this next week in our challenge.

With ideas, questions and prompts from me every morning, we will do some daily journaling, and this will help you with checking inward, while developing or maintaining a regular commitment to your own creative practice- body, heart, and soul! Plus, as some of you know, journaling daily can help you clarify ideas and move through any chaos, overwhelm, and stuck energy so that you can get those divine downloads and allow yourself to receive new creative inspirations. And I’ll give you some action steps for homework too. How does that sound, chicky? Super fun, I say…

We want to listen in, and get connected with our instincts, desires, our passions.

Are you ready to spend 5 days in touch with your special magical self?

Why do this? To get you spending that time with yourself for that extra alignment, tuning in, turning on, asking questions, and connecting with your inside world and your outside world. Listening to our intuitive guidance, whether that be god, source, the Universe, yoru guides, angels, always helps us direct our creative self, our energy, our life-force, to be in truth with our desires and inspirations, our passions in our continuing journey of life.

So join us, ladies, in our private group page, Dance with Desire, on FB

And jump into our 5 day challenge! Get yourself hooked up, feeling great, and really trusting your moves-body, mind, spirit- and what is next for you!

See you in our Dance with Desire group on Monday… and if you are excited about doing some more journaling, you can still join my last Beyond the Ordinary, Journaling From the Body to the Page, tomorrow, Saturday for our last class of the summer, 9–11 am on Zoom!


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