Spring — Paulette’s Musings

6 min readApr 7

Hello there, Happy Friday to you,

You know what? I am so glad you are here, here to share the journey, here to show up, here to be part of the tribe, here to be inspired and inspire… I have so much gratitude every day that I get to do what I do, that I get to have you as part of the story, and to share my stories with you, too. So thank you, from my heart, body, and soul.

Spring is upon us, and how does that feel to you? I love the freshness, the light changing, the buds popping up. It lends me to lots of journaling and poetry-making, so today I will share some of that with you.

I’d love it to inspire you to write/journal more too, think of this as a prompt for you! Then you can share with me, too…

April 7, 2023

I must have a mind of Spring to regard

The freshness of what every day has to offer

A curious mindset of growth and the new possibilities

The emerging of opportunities showing themselves,

Sometimes shyly, peeking out from spirit

Sometimes in your face robust

Saying “Take me now, do it”

Sometimes the downloads are fleeting

One must hurry to gather, collect,

and sow the ideas quickly

Before they pass on to someone else

A spring-like regard to stepping up and stepping out

Participating in the blossoming

To show off the individuality of me

The quirky, the beautiful, the ugly, the glory,

The power, the desires

The downright action of standing tall, and still-mountain

In the early morning glowing sunrise

Often blinding in sky beauty

You are most observable

Whispering good morning and listen now

Coming with new beginnings

Sprouting aliveness and opening the petal doors

I am forever awed, never tiring of the whispering


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