Progress is a journey! Monday Motivation

4 min readJul 20, 2021

Motivation on Monday!

OK friends, I’m on Day five of my personal challenge! Oh yea! feeling good… working out and also feeling proud that I am following through.

How many of you have started something and not followed through? I know I have… But I have made this personal challenge a small goal and easily attainable if I keep my focus and remember my desired outcome…it’s the why of what I’m doing that helps to keep me focused, knowing the actions steps to create the outcome, but knowing the why gets me excited and motivated. That’s what I teach you all in making your M.A.P. — your Magic Action Plan. That is a great tool ( in my latest book!) to help you prioritize and take action not only on your to-do list, but on your desires!

Have you set a small soul goal to work on? Perhaps a new painting series, or journaling everyday, meditating daily, or taking that new class and continuing to show up, developing a work project? Can you focus daily for 7 days and make a commitment to yourself?

I bet you can do it, I dare you to take a step forward, a small step to follow through, an achievable desire!

Progress is a journey, my friend… it doesn’t happen overnight… but what a fun path it can be!


**What’s coming up?

-I’m developing a new 7-day challenge for all my women in my Dance with Desire group, to start up in just a short time… to help you with focus and desires! Journaling coming up…get ready to join us…

You can join my private women’s group over in FB, here, for our gathering, Come and join the gathering, a sacred place, and a delightful gathering of women…

**And watch for my new monthly journaling/writing online class — From the Body to the Page — starting up the end of September! So excited to be offering these for you.

Plus I have 8 new classes I’m teaching in person here in Palm Springs, if you are a desert dweller, starting in September…so good to be back teaching in person!

**Plus I’m also working on my brand new website, with my web designer, graphic designer, my branding queen and my creative assistant…




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