Heart and Hustle with Wealth Coach, Sarah Thorpe #85

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Heart and Hustle:

Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
Episode #85
with Paulette Rees-Denis
and guest, Wealth Coach and Psychic, Sarah Thorpe

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Hello friends!
What a good time for another episode of Heart and Hustle! While we ponder the state of the globe and the chaos of the virus, take some down time to watch our interview today. I am pleased to introduce Sarah Thorpe to you, and see how her special gifts help light up the world!

We talk about having sustainable and passionate businesses, switching niches, money and abundance and the triggers! Juicy topics, and a fun conversation… even some twerking talk ( oh my!), gotta love this woman!

Click here… and enjoy…

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Let us know how this affects you, I love to hear your thoughts and questions.

More about Sarah:
Sarah Thorpe brings over 30 years of personal and professional development. As a healer, mentor, teacher, priestess, psychic and minister she supports women entrepreneur healers, to break through the $5k a month ceiling. She helps them to access their spiritual connection, reprogram their energy, and double their revenue with ease., without working harder or getting another qualification. sarahthorpehealer.lpages.co/women-embody-wealth


Thank you friend, for being here, for sharing space and time with me, and my guests. Take super great care of yourself and allow yourself to be present. I love that you are here.

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What’s coming up?

You can also view these Heart and Hustle videos on YouTube :

and on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/399910446

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Transformational Life & Creativity Coach, teacher, speaker, author, movement motivator, guitar strummer, Global Dance Co director-www.paulettereesdenis.com

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