Heart and Hustle with guest, Renee Reid, Diabetes & Lifestyle Coach, #161

5 min readJul 13

Heart and Hustle:
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Paulette Rees-Denis
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Renee Reid, Diabetes & Lifestyle Coach, #161

Renee Reid is the voice of the Diabetic Toolbox, and I am delighted to share our conversation with you today!

Sometimes I pinch myself when I look at all of my amazing interviews from the past 5 years on Heart and Hustle ( besides the many that I have been a guest on). Just great people out there going through their own life stories and journeys, and then creating changes for themselves to live healthier, better, and more joyful abundance lives. And then how they turn the story around and want to help others get through with the tools they learned.

And that is what Renee has done, getting diagnosed with pre-diabetes, after a horrendous diet of junk food and feeling exhausted. After gaining 55 pounds and spending a lot of time crying, she turned her life around, trying to change things on her own. She realized she needed more help and decided she wanted a coach for herself.

She ditched the diet culture- THANK YOU– and now she is here to help you shift your mindset and get into a healthier framework, body, and lifestyle! Woo hoo!!!

Food is for nourishment, pleasure, and strength. This is sooooo important, my friend, and food is not for self-medication.

Have a listen and look at our conversation. Let us know your takeaways too…

On YouTube: https://youtu.be/WNsttyBHHXU

Or if you just want a listen, on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heartandhustle/heart-and-hustle-with-guest-renee-reid-diabetes-lifestyle-coach-161

More about Renee:
Renee Reid is a Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and RYT 200 yoga teacher, writer, speaker, trainer, and coach. As an award-winning podcaster, she is the voice behind The Diabetes Toolbox Podcast and…


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