Heart and Hustle with guest photographer, Amber Linn, Episode #88

Heart and Hustle:
Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your host, Paulette Rees-Denis
and guest photographer, Amber Linn,
Episode #88

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So excited to have this desert dynamo on the show today… Amber Linn ( often known as Amber Jordan!)… she is an amazing photographer, and runs a women’s business connection group on FB, called Boss Babes. Amber is also a social media queen and spend much of her time sharing and helping out her tribe of biz women to grow their businesses too… incredibly supportive and all accepting, she is becoming quite a leader in her community, of which I am happy to belong to!

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Grab your fav beverage and have a sit down and watch and listen…. then let us know what your takeaways are from our conversation!


and here is some photos from a shoot in the desert I went on with Amber and some Boss Babes!

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More about Amber!

I’m Amber, born in the ’70s, I am a Mom and Wife, I love a good glass of wine and a Country top 40 song. Recently I’ve learned that I have natural talents like bringing people together (networking would be a better description). I strive to be kind, honest, authentic and transparent. My job and “therapy” has always been photography and art. Beautiful things draw us towards them and so here I am, capturing your smiles and your memories. I can sit here for hours and tell you why you would want to work with me, but truth be told… I am looking for a bride and groom who “vibe” with me, who are drawn to my images, and who ultimately want to create a unique relationship because you will be spending your most special day with me!

Boss babes bio:

You are a businesswoman, a dreamer, a doer, an entrepreneur, a BOSS BABE. But sometimes even a Boss Babe needs to lean on her “tribe”. Am I right girls?!Our group is community-driven and strives to create networking reach, among all of our small local businesses owned by women.

It’s a sisterhood, it’s your TRIBE, we are the ones who can relate to what you go through daily in order to grow your business.




Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/711082145928265/?ref=share





so, my friend, take a break and enjoy!

take good care of yourself in these times, extra care, loves… and see you soon!

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New time for Heart and Hustle Live!!!! Tuesdays, 9 am (PST) for the next several weeks!

***and please forward this to your friends who would be interested in joining up and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!


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Transformational Life & Creativity Coach, teacher, speaker, author, movement motivator, guitar strummer, Global Dance Co director-www.paulettereesdenis.com

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