Heart and Hustle with guest Amy Wall, the Skintessa #162

3 min readAug 1

Heart and Hustle : Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers
with host Paulette Rees-Denis
and today
with guest Amy Wall, the Skintessa #162
talking about Higher Self Beauty and more!

Amy is a switch for women to help turn on their beauty, and their self in the mirror, by looking at your skin! What a great conversation today with Amy Wall, also known as a top esthetician, is also the Skintessa. No more mainstream beauty in the media but just wow... how us women can access the muses of pleasure and senses, we are beautiful creatures of sensual delight and our own conscious beauty...

The yoga of beauty, we are the magic in our own life, this conversation is going to light you up, my friend! HIgher self beauty... give a look and listen and you might be changing some of your learned views and mindset after this conversation...

View here on YouTube:

What did I tell you???? Make sure to check in with Amy, her ideas and products and all that fabulous magical work happening!

ok, More about Amy here:

Amy Wall is an award-winning esthetician with more than 20 years of experience, renowned for her natural beauty and wellness expertise. She was mentored by the formulator who discovered the peptide for the cosmetic industry, providing her with a unique perspective on the science behind skincare.

Amy's journey with beauty and wellness began in 1984 when she started meditating in the mirror while applying her skincare products. This sparked a lifelong fascination with the power of self-love and the potential of topical ingredients to enhance our health and appearance.

Driven by her passion and dedication, Amy created the TimeLight Skin Nutrition line of facial formulas featuring the groundbreaking 18-Hour Delivery System. This innovative technology provides a sustained release of nutrients to the skin…


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