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Heart and Hustle with Body Typology Expert, Sue-Anne Hickey!

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

with host Paulette Rees-Denis,

and today’s guest, Sue-Anny Hickey

Body Typology Expert and Women’s Weight Loss Coach

Episode #148, August 2022

Is it time to refocus on your body? Tune in and turn on to the way you want to be in your body?

Today’s guest tells us about her methods of bodytypology for losing weight and feeling great. Have a listen to how Sue-Anne changed her life, from hypoglycemia, crashing energy, mood swings, eczema, and eating crap, to a super healthy naturopath.

Transformation! Working with the methods of eating healthy and feeling balanced… eating right for your body type! And this works with your glands… And now she works as a coach, with clients helping them learn about their body types and food intake, what and when to eat, and live with vitality!…

We talk… about RTT — Rapid Transformational Therapy… adding this to her methods of coaching. Plus how she started her business, hired a coach, learned how to get her business going, and the big part of developing her own self-confidence… and I always bring up what we can do for the important self-care.

Fascinating story, and I love to share it! Let us know your takeaways from this conversation.

Watch and listen here

Curious about your own bodytype? Check out Sue-Anne’s pages, and her work…


More about Sue-Anne:

In 2006, I decided to extend my expertise in natural healing and started training as a naturopath.

Eating right for my body type completely transformed my health, my energy skyrocketed, my hypoglycemia was a thing of the past, my eczema disappeared and never came back, my energy skyrocketed and I never felt better.




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