I sit in my house for the last few days of living here, in Portland since 1991… many many years, with some different moves in between but this house has been my rock, my base, my paradise. I have built my dance, writing and coaching career here. I have traveled the world from here. I have had multitudes of great friends and artists here for co-creation, and the parties, whoa…

And in just a couple of days, I’m heading to new adventures, new and old friends, a new home. Part of this adventure came about when figuring out how to get out of financial debt. For life… really… so sell, downsize, pay off bills…so no more mortgage, etc. Now the money I do make I can keep and build upon, investing and having fun with!

So many of us get into financial squalor at some point in our lives. We are a fortunate bunch to have luxuries like credit cards and loans. And also the possibilities of investing and earning money on our money. Something I’m learning later in life. Always been so independent and a solopreneur and making enough to get by, and then getting into debt, then getting out of debt, then creating for retirement, etc. I’m learning more and more, just as I coach my clients who get stuck in the negative money mindset. I’ve been there, several times, and I’m done.

So woo hoo and hot damn! Freedom is what I’m talking about, life freedom, financial freedom, and tons of room for expansion and adventure. That’s for me…

How about you? What are you desiring? How is your money intake? Mindset? Investing opportunities?

I know, HEAVY topic! But think about making more money, investing more money, having more fun and financial freedom… how does that ring your bells?

Just thought I would bring that up!

Really, what I wanted to share today was how excited I am, (yes about moving, but) that I was featured on, not one, but THREE podcasts these last 2 weeks!!! Wow, what a thrill and an honor. You know me, your Tribal Hostess, and sometimes your Raging Sage, and how I love to turn you on to cool peeps in my Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers video podcast series, right?! ( Got a good one coming out this Friday with Miles Carroll, who helps folks with anxiety and depression and reads tarot cards!), but it’s extra special when I get asked to make a guest appearance as an expert in my field!

I love the medium of podcasts and video podcasts, and they can be very addictive!

But what a fab way to inspire others, share info, and meet other great peeps making incredible change in the world! So I wanted to repost them here for you so you can check them out, listen watch, get inspired, and support me and our friends… and always we love it when you share them with your friends! Gotta spread the love…

I’d love to hear what any of these inspire in you, what you think, and how you enjoyed these informative chats!

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  1. My Orgasmic Life with Gaia Morrisette! We talk about shifting and movement, sex and orgasms, and all the things! Super fun, and she is a delicious, sharp woman out to guide others into pleasure and body awareness! Go here…


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2. And the Tactical Magic Podcast with my good friend and freakin’ brilliant techy biz woman, Molly Mandleberg… Listen to any of the format’s below…


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3. The Connected Soul Series, With Penny Collins… this was a series with a panel of experts in different areas of life and biz, brilliant! I will have my interview posted up on my site in a few, if you did not get to listen to the series…here…


So much goodness this month…

I announced the Women’s Illumination Retreat in Costa Rica next February 2020! We’re talking about adventure, momentum, a magical and powerful circle for you to create your dreams, grow your tribe, expand and explore, and I’ll announce my special guest instructor next week!

Early bird rates will be starting September 1st, so get ready, room for 12 creative women!


Since you are already on my email list and you are getting this email, I have a little biz and pleasure assessment for you ( this is an opt-in for new email list sign ups) so here is a link for you to have it also and take the little quiz to assess where you are in this stage… great to look at as we head into the fall…( or spring)…let me know where you stand in your dreams, babe! love to know… Go here to take the quiz…

ok, lots of goodies in this email… have a splendid rest of your week,

so glad you are here on the journey…

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Remember to pass this on to your friend who would love all these inspired bits! Thank you for that…

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